Revamp of Startup Clothing Line

A majority of my design efforts in 2018 were directed towards helping a start up clothing brand revamp their young brand. They came to me without a focused identity and lacking quality control measures. I worked with them to visualize the identity they sought. They desired to create a performance brand that mainly reflects a western style and plays off rancher design cues. They wanted to continue with three core colors. Building on these points I crafted their Spring/Summer 2019 and Fall/Winter 2019 lines.

The brand redesign also addressed the trims and hang tag system. I worked to create a total brand experience by bringing in the core color palette.

A large part of this project was to address overall quality. Fabric selection needed to be improved. Also comprehensive tech packs needed to be created to establish a baseline for fit control.

In addition to the tech packs my design scope included develop of the yarn-dye pitches, print repeats for patterns and original art for yoke embroidery.

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