Graphic Design

Mike Lintz is a 1995 graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art and Planning program (DAAP). He has a strong background in design and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Mike has worked with clients across various industries including publishing, software development, travel, legal services, and more. The clients range from large corporations working with in-house project managers to small, local businesses walking owners through the design process. His experience covers projects from full marketing plans to providing design services for a specific piece. Mikes utilizes his strong organizational and project coordination skills to keep projects on schedule and budget. In his creative coordinator position with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield it was normal for him to personally have numerous active design jobs. In addition, he managed a team of designers ensuring they kept their projects on schedule. The department handled over a 1,000 projects a year. More recently Mike has been working multiple freelance projects in both the graphic design and fashion design disciplines. Clothing design projects require a very detailed approach to manage a lot of data as well as a strict adherence to deadlines.  

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